About the Book

Door to Glory

Dialogues with Apostle John

The global pandemic we are facing today is a continuation of the Dark Forces controlling humanity on the planet since the beginning of time.

DOUG: From Genesis 15:12; “And when the sun went down, there fell a heavy sleep onto Abraham. And, lo, a very fearful darkness fell upon him.” Did the darkness come from the volcanic ash from the sky?
JOHN: Abraham is a word in the Bible that represents the God Consciousness. There was a lowering of consciousness that was perpetrated on the masses to bring in darkness so they wouldn’t have that connection with God. And this has been going on for 13,000 years, of which you are now, in your glory, coming out of it. And this is a beautiful time to say that darkness is leaving. It’s no longer going to return for over the next 2,000 years.

John wrote the Book of Revelation over two thousand years ago. He provided details how the world transforms into the “world to come” in the book Door to Glory. The Christian bible considers ending of the world, whereas John stated it is ending of control by evil forces.  This book is available through Amazon.